Secure Tint & Signs is primarily a combination of all glass tinting, vinyl signage, sound and security & graphics company, c track installation, sales and fitment centre, based in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal. Secure Tint & Signs boasts an impressive 20 years of collective experience from senior management. This dedicated company abides by their strategy of advancement and dedication to glass technology, talent, skill, and professionalism.

SECURE TINT & SIGNS affiliation with partners such as Lamin8, Solar Film Foundation, Maizey Plastics, Falcon& JCP Steel and many others, SECURE TINT & SIGNS remains at the forefront of international STANDARDS.
Boasting accolades with major companies and private market, amongst others, SECURE TINT & SIGNS has created a reputable image with other competitors as a force driven by Innovation, Quality and Technological Advancement.

The core business operations
being Service Delivery and
Products in the tint and signs
industry, Secure tint and
Signs are best described as an operation involved with
Installations, Sales & repairs.

Services include:-

  • Anti smash and grab - vehicles
  • Window tint – homes & offices
  • Vinyl signage
  • Ctrack Vehicle Tracking installations & sales
  • idDots installation & sales